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24-year-old. Plains Cree First Nations & Red River Métis. Two-Spirited. Lives in Canada's prairies. Full time university student majoring in Indigenous studies & Women & Gender Studies. Probably owns more books than you, but you can borrow some.

i'm p boring tbh.
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Hey look! Here are some resources written by ACTUAL two-spirit people, compiled by a two-spirit person! You will find no Roscoe or Williams here (yuck). We can speak for ourselves, thank you VERY much.

(Also, let that stupid quote plastered over Pretty Shield’s faceChristian leaders, stand on our soil and claim: “gay marriage” has never occurred here. Over 130 tribes in every region of North America blah blah BLAH” that’s not actually attributed to anyone DIE. STOP USING IT. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL. Look, it’s me and my big brother’s shirt we wore one day to rep instead. PHEW, that’s SO MUCH BETTER.)

Open Access Articles/Resources

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  • Wilson, Alex. “N’Tacimowin Innah Nah’: Our Coming In Stories”
  • Wilson, Alex. “How we find ourselves: Identity development and two-spirit people”
  • Wilson, Alex. “Two-spirit identity”.
  • Gregory Scofield. “You Can Always Count on an Anthropologist (To Set You Straight, Crooked or Somewhere In-Between)” in Me Sexy: An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality.
  • Queer Indigenous Studies: Critical Interventions in Theory, Politics and Literature. Eds. Qwo-Li Driskill, Chris Finley, Brian Joseph Gilley, and Scott Lauria Morgensen
  • Driskill, Qwo-Li . “Doubleweaving Two-Spirit Critiques: Building Alliances between Native and Queer

This is by no means meant to be exhaustive. My fellow 2S folks, please add more that you know written by-and-for us!

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